Zend_Pdf UTF-8 characters?


I have problems outputting UTF-8 characters into pdf file with Zend_Pdf. Here is my code:

// Load Zend_Pdf class 
include 'Zend/Pdf.php';

// Create new PDF 
$pdf = new Zend_Pdf();

// Set font 
$page->setFont(Zend_Pdf_Font::fontWithPath('fonts/times.ttf'), 12); 

// Draw text 
$page->drawText('Janko Hra?ko', 200, 643, 'UTF-8');

The font I§m loading supports UTF-8 characters. But I am getting this error"

Notice: iconv() [function.iconv]: Detected an illegal character in input string in D:\data\o\Zend\Pdf\Resource\Font\Type0.php on line 241